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    Người gửi: D­Ương Quang Thơ (trang riêng)
    Ngày gửi: 11h:54' 21-03-2010
    Dung lượng: 33.5 KB
    Số lượt tải: 143
    Số lượt thích: 0 người
    1.Peter < not go > to school yesterday. I just him at the school-gate.
    2.Be careful ! The teacher at you.
    3.They for Nha Trang next month.
    4.You ever that pop star ?
    5.You must tell me what you since I last saw you.
    6.I think he knows the way because he there several times.
    7.When a boy, my grandfather often to work on foot.
    8.Yesterday when I her, she in the hall.
    9.Mary all her clothes. At the moment she a dress for her sister.
    10.We just back from London and we to see you in a few minutes.
    11.Where you since yesterday?
    12.She French when she was at school.
    13.Nam isn’t here. He just out for a walk.
    14.At present, Mr. Pike another book.
    15.Pupils must their lessons before to class.
    16.They to London last week but I anything from them yet.
    17.You should your bicycle carefully.
    18.Does your sister enjoy in the sea?
    19.He may to England.
    20.You ever a letter to that writer?
    21.Each of us is ready the work.
    22.He is fond of stories to children.
    23.You must never come into this room without first.
    24.He when I came.
    25.She wanted a new dress for the party.
    26.She is afraid of out after dark.
    27.The little boy was very interested in picture books.
    28.Mr. Pike just his son with a pen.
    29.She intends some food for her family.
    30.Let’s on the pavement.
    31.My brother is familiar with this game.
    32.The new school-year two weeks ago.
    33.My grandmother TV every night.
    34.They already a new house.
    35.We an English test tomorrow morning.
    36.Yesterday our biology teacher an experiment.
    37.The worker the school-gate yet.
    38.My cousin just home from Hanoi.
    39.Most of the pupils in my class very smart.
    40.Her mother very strict.
    41.We haven’t heard from him since he Hanoi.
    42.We a picnic next Friday.
    43.Where you for your holiday last summer?
    44.John asleep if the film is not exciting.
    45.If Jane hard, she will pass the exam.
    46.He nothing to me about it last night.
    47.I just you the answer.
    48.You my fountain-pen yesterday?
    49.I will help him if he me.
    50.My mother very sad if I don’t tell her the truth.
    51.It in the dry season.
    52.What do you intend ?
    53.Does he enjoy to the theatre?
    54.Last Saturday, our parents us to Thang Long Theatre.
    55.Everyone happy on his birthday.
    56.Children are interested in about their study at school.
    57.After grass for a few years, you’ll get good crops.
    58.Nam helped his father with roses in their garden.
    59.You’ll become richer by money.
    60.His mother wants him for his good marks.
    61.We the newcomers yet.
    62.They intend a new house.
    63.My sister never to an English man before>
    64.He usually in bed late on Sunday mornings.
    65.What you from 7 to 9 o’clock last night?
    66.I could a boat last year.
    67.We must now.
    68.My mother often
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